FinTrailO 29-30 April 2017, Espoo, Finland

Welcome to the International Trail Orienteering Super Weekend with four competitions and one training in less than four days! Check out the programme in more detail in Competition Information.

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Event Information (Bulletin 3-4) has been published. Paljon lisätietoa julkaistu: Kilpailuohjeet.

Addresses for the Event Centres and the forbidden areas have now been added to the Competition Information page and to Bulletin 2.


Due to the snow, visibility has impaired. At some viewing points you may have to move a bit to the left or right to see all the control flags. The organisers are doing their best to guarantee a fair event and good enough visibility for all.

Lumen takia näkyvyys on huonontunut. Joillain katselupaikoilla täytyy ehkä siirtyä hieman vasemmalle tai oikealle nähdäkseen kaikki rastit. Järjestäjät tekevät parhaansa taatakseen oikeudenmukaisen kilpailun ja tarpeeksi hyvän näkyvyyden.



Welcome to Espoo in April 2017!

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