Preliminary competition information

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The events will be organised by the orienteering club OK 77.

Event Director                          Anna Jacobson
Vice Event Director                   Anders Westerlund
Course setters                          Åke Jacobson (PreO 1&2), Roope Näsi, Alahärmän Kisa (TempO)
Results manager                      Jouni Junkkaala

Event Advisers                         Ari Tertsunen, TV-V (PreO), Tuomo Markelin, HS (TempO)
Jury                                         TempO: Owe Fredholm (SWE), Dusan Furucz (SVK), Heikki Liimatainen
                                                (FIN); PreOs: Jana Kostova (CZE), Hannu Niemi (FIN), Ole-Johan Waaler


Contact person: Anna Jacobson, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., 045 3474770



Event Programme     

Friday 28 April 19:00-21:00 TrailO demonstration and a training, not part of FinTrailO Espoo city centre
Saturday 29 April 08:30- TempO Kauniainen
10:30 PreO 1 Espoo
Sunday 30 April 10:00 PreO 2, long distance Espoo
Monday 1 May 10:00 PreO+TempO, combined, not part of FinTrailO Klaukkala


Event Centres and how to reach them


TempO, Saturday 29.4.2017

Kasavuoren koulukeskus (school), Kasavuorentie 1, Kauniainen.

Coming by car: Parking officials will show you where to park. Please follow their instructions.

Coming by public transport: Bus 109 from North (Jorvi) and bus 533 from North (Vanhakartano) bus stop Valkonauhantie. Bus 109 from Helsinki (Kamppi) and bus 533 from South (Matinkylä), bus stop Terveyskeskus. Train from Helsinki or Kirkkonummi/Espoo, station Koivuhovi.

Opaskartta 2 Grani

The Event Centre is in a school with accessible toilet and there is a small café selling drinks and snacks.

PreO 1, Saturday 29.4.2017

Oittaa, Kunnarlantie 33 – 39, Espoo.

Coming by car: Free parking.

Coming by public transport: We recommend that you ask for a seat in someone’s car from TempO to PreO 1. Bus 246/246 K from South (Espoon keskus), bus stop Oittaanranta.

There are limited indoor facilities at the Event Centre and a public cafeteria. We recommend to use the cafeteria, but please note that it is not a part of the Event Centre and should only be used for eating and drinking. There is an accessible toilet at the cafeteria that can be used even if you don’t buy anything from the cafeteria.

PreO 2, Sunday 30.4.2017

Kaitakorpi, Kaitakorventie 10, Espoo.

Coming by car: Parking officials will show you where to park. Please follow their instructions.

Coming by public transport: Bus 245 from Espoon keskus or from Nuuksionpää, bus stop Kaitakorpi.

There are indoor facilities in an indoor arena for horses. There are two toilets outside the arena, one of which is accessible. When coming to and moving around the Event Centre, please take the horses into consideration at all times (no loud noises, not going too near them, not scaring them).

Public transportation timetables, maps and more can be found here:



Embargoed areas

Forbidden areas are shown on the maps below. The competitors and any associated people may not enter the forbidden areas before their start at the PreO competitions.

forbidden KN

forbidden KK

On Saturday morning, the competitors may only use the car roads in the town Kauniainen, and the pedestrian routes next to them. Walking in the forest or on other pedestrian routes that are not beside a car road is strictly forbidden.  


There will be a café selling coffee, tea, soft drinks, sandwiches (Sunday) and snacks at the events. You can only pay cash in euros in the café. The café is open:

TempO, Saturday, 8:00-12:30
PreO 1, Saturday 10:00-17:00, with a lunch/soup buffet
PreO 2, Sunday 09:30-15:00

Control cards and number bibs

Each competitor will receive an envelope with all required control cards for the entire FinTrailO weekend, and a number bib. In total 6 cards (E class) or 5 cards (A class) for competitors taking part in all three events (TempO, PreO 1 and PreO 2).

The competitor is responsible for bringing the relevant control cards to the start of each event:

-         Tempo 1 card

-         PreO 1 – E class 2 cards (both collected in the finish), A class 1 card

-         PreO 2 3 cards (card 1 collected after control 20, card 2 at the finish, card 3 at the timed control)

The envelope shall be picked up at the Info Point. The main pick up is at the TempO Event Centre. For those not participating in TempO, the envelope can be picked up at the PreO1 Info Point. Eventual remaining payments shall be made in conjunction with the envelope pick up. Please note that you can only pay in cash in euros. The competitors should bring their own safety pins.       

All competitors shall wear their number bib in all three events. The number bib shall be visible from start to finish and especially when entering a TempO station.


Course and Map details



Elite and A class: 6 stations, 5 tasks per station. Maximum time is 150 seconds per station. The terrain is a mix of urban, park and forest terrains with good visibility and good surface for wheelchairs. Answers must be given out loud in clear and loud English using the alphabets Alfa, Bravo, Charlie, Delta, Echo, Foxtrot, Zero. If you cannot pronounce the answer, please show the letter on the map. If you want to point the answer, please let the officials know that when entering the station.

It’s 600 m to the start from the Event Centre.

Map 1:4000, contours 2.5 m. Sprint map (ISSOM). Original map 1:5000, mapped by Sophia Arrakoski and Isabel Donner (2016). TrailO map by Roope Näsi (2016-2017).

The officials record the answers on ANT. At the same time, answers and back-up timing will be written on the competition cards. Please note that the competitors need to check the answers on the card before leaving the station. If ANT and the card have different answers, the answers on the card shall prevail. Timing, however, will follow ANT timing unless the ANT system has not recorded a time or is clearly wrong. Answers on the control card cannot be changed after the competitor has left the station. Control cards are collected at the last TempO station. They will be transported to PreO 1 Event Centre where they can be picked up after last start in TempO. After finish, it is naturally forbidden to communicate anything about the competition to competitors who have not yet started.

The competitors are asked to move without delay from TempO Event Centre to PreO 1 Event Centre (15 min by car). PreO 1 start list is available at TempO Event Centre.

General information about PreO competitions

Zero answers may occur in both E and A classes. There are no Zero answers at timed controls. Zeros are clear and can be solved with map reading.

Viewing points are marked only at controls with more than one flag. Viewing sectors are marked when required for clarity.

The competitors should use their own pin punches. The organiser reserves some extra pin punches that can be borrowed from the info point.

In the terrains there may be other people walking, running or biking. There are warning signs for them, but please be careful.

Maps are in plastic bags and control cards are water-proof.

Map scale is 1:4 000 (ISSOM) with 2.5 m contours. Original maps 1:10 000 ISOM by Matti Toivonen. TrailO map by Åke Jacobson (2016-2017).

PreO 1

When starting PreO 1, the E class competitor should bring 2 control cards, A class competitor 1 control card. The competition will be held in normal Southern Finnish forest terrain with some open areas with very good visibility. The road surface is very good for wheelchairs.

The timed control is located close to the Event Centre before the start of the actual PreO course. NOTE that the competitor’s start time (given in the start list) refers to the start at the timed control. The timed control has 5 flags and 2 tasks. Maximum time is 60 seconds. An extra 60 seconds will be added for a wrong answer.

The distance from the timed control to the Start of the PreO course is 950 meters. When the competitor reaches the Start, an official will enter on the control cards the actual start time. Thereafter the competitor may pick a map from the relevant map box and start the competition. There are two map boxes clearly marked E class and A class. Make sure you take the correct map.

The Course length is 1,700 meters with 29 controls (Elite class) respectively 15 controls (A class). The total climb is 30 meters. There are no extra assistants along the course for wheelchair users.

Maximum time in E class is 129 minutes. For Paralympic competitors in E class maximum time is 139 minutes. NOTE! Rules deviation: The time is based on an allowance of 2.5 minutes per control.

Time allowed in A class is 108 minutes (Paralympic competitors 118 minutes).

PreO 2

When starting PreO 2, the competitor should have 3 control cards (2 for the two PreO parts and 1 for the timed control). The competition is held in detailed terrain with cliffs and many contours. The road surface is very good for wheelchairs. In steep hills there will be extra assistance.

The timed control is located after the Finish.

From the Event Centre to the start it’s 700 meters (steep uphill). Competitors in non-motorized wheelchairs are provided with transport by car from the Event Centre to the start. Although it is possible to drive up with a motorized wheel chair, also motorized wheel chair users may use the transport.

Starting is according to the start times provided in the start list. After the start signal, the competitor picks up the map from a map box. There are two map boxes clearly marked E class and A class. Make sure you take the correct map. Maps are in plastic bags.

PreO 2 is divided into two parts with an untimed walk between the parts. The time allowed for each part refers to only the relevant part (times are not added up). This should make it easier for the competitors to make sure they are not using overtime on either part. Some assistants are available in steep parts throughout the course to assist competitors in non-motorized wheelchairs.

The number of controls on the course is 34 in E class and 20 in A class.

The course length of Part 1 is 1,200 meters with 30 meters climb. Number of controls in E class is 20 and in A-class 13. Maximum time for Part 1 in E class is 86 minutes (Paralympic competitors 96 minutes). NOTE! Rules deviation: The time is based on an allowance of 2.5 minutes per control. Maximum time in A/M class is 78 minutes (Paralympic competitors 88 minutes).

The Part 1 control card is collected at the Finish of Part 1.

From the Part 1 finish to the Start of Part 2 is 600 meters with 25 meters climbing. There is no time taken but the maximum time allowed is 25 minutes (Paralympic competitors 30 minutes). Should a competitor use longer time, the start time at Part 2 will be the Part 1 Finish time plus 25 (30) minutes irrespective of the actual start time.

At the Start of Part 2, the official will enter the start time on the control card after which the competitor may pick up a map from the map box. There are two map boxes clearly marked E class and A class. Make sure you take the correct map. Maps are in plastic bags.

The Course Length of Part 2 is 620 meters with 5 meters climbing. Number of controls in E class is 14 and in A class 7. Maximum time for Part 2 in E class is 54 minutes (Paralympic competitors 64 minutes). NOTE! Rules deviation: The time is based on an allowance of 2.5 minutes per control. Maximum time for Part 2 in A/M class is 46 minutes (Paralympic competitors 56 minutes).

At the Finish, control card 2 is collected. The competitor continues to the timed control. In order not to build up a que and waiting time at the timed control, please move on without grouping over the distance from Finish to timed control. The distance from the Finish to the timed control is 820 meters with 30 meters climbing.

The timed control has 6 flags and 3 tasks. There are no zeros on the timed control. Maximum time is 90 seconds. An extra 60 seconds will be added for a wrong answer.

From the timed control to the Event Centre it is 1,300 meters.


Classes and entry fees

We offer two classes, Elite (E) and A. The TempO and PreO 2 in Elite class are part of the Unofficial European Cup in Trail Orienteering. Finnish E class competitors must have a valid orienteering license. There are no requirements for A class competitors. A class has in PreO less controls and easier tasks than E class. In TempO, both classes have the same controls.

E class: 15 euro/competition (i.e. 45 euros for three competitions)
A class: 10 euro/competition (i.e. 30 euros for three competitions)

Competition Rules                 

The Competition Rules for IOF Trail Orienteering Events (valid from 1 January 2017) apply. Copy of the rules is available for download on the IOF website More detailed instructions will follow in the competition instructions.

The time limit for complaints is 10 minutes after the final results have been published at the competition centre. Any protest shall be made in writing to a member of the jury no later than 15 minutes after the organiser has informed the complainant of the decision about the complaint. A protest fee of 50 EUR shall be paid to the Event Controller in cash when making a protest. The fee will be returned if the protest is accepted by the jury. If the protest is signed by several competitors, each of them shall pay the protest fee.


Online results will be available at as soon as the last competitor has started. Combined results for all three competitions will be counted using the “relay” model: All results are transformed to seconds (60 sec per mistake in PreO course + 30 seconds per mistake on PreO timed controls + time spent on PreO timed controls + 30 sec per mistake in TempO + time spent in TempO).

The competitor with shortest total time is the winner.


Prizes are given according to combined results from the three events. There are money prizes for the three best in Elit class. The ten best in Elit class and winner of A class will receive a prize. Prize giving will take place as soon as the final results are available on Sunday and the protest time has passed.     

Training on 28 April

There will be a trail orienteering demonstration / training organised on Friday evening 28 April in Espoo city centre. More information: (soon in English too).

Competition on 1 May

There will be a competition on Monday 1 May in Klaukkala, some 30 km from Espoo. Organiser is Rajamäen Rykmentti. The competition will consist of 15 PreO controls (A clusters) and 3 TempO stations. First start at 10:00. Entries to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Entry fee is 5 eur, late entry (after 21 April 2017) 7 eur.

You are warmly welcome to Espoo in April/May 2017!

OK 77